Plan Your Trip to Finnish Lapland

A Place to Meet Santa

There are a host of experiences to be had in Finnish Lapland that are unique even from the rest of Finland. For one, Santa is said to be from Korvatunturi (the “ear fell”) in Lapland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park, but he has now moved his official office to Lapland’s capital city of Rovaniemi. There aren’t many places in the world where you can meet the jolly old man himself!

A Place Where the Northern Lights Dance

Of course, one of the most popular activities in the winter months is watching the northern lights. Even though temperatures can drop south of -30ºC, a pair of Arctic overalls will keep you cozy as you watch the skies light up in green, pink, and purple. It’s an unforgettable experience, and since Lapland offers more stable weather than other popular winter destinations, it also offers a higher chance of having this experience on your trip.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning that trip of a lifetime to Lapland!

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What You Should Know

Currency: Euro (€)
Time Zone: EET (Eastern European Time) – GMT+2.
Daylight Savings time from March-October – GMT+3
1 hour ahead of Norway & Sweden
Drives on: Right
Latitudes: 65 30′ ºN to 70º 05′ N
Size: 98,000 km2, almost 1/3 of Finland
Population: 185,000
Less than 2 people per km2 and only 3.5% of Finland’s population
Sámi Population: ~7,000, mostly in Utsjoki, Inari, and Enontekiö
Reindeer Population: Capped at 200,000 (so more reindeer than people!)
Capital City: Rovaniemi (~60,000 residents)
Northernmost Village: Nuorgam in Utsjoki municipality (~200 residents)
Borders: Sweden (west), Norway (north), Russia (east)
Visas: Standard Schengen visa regulations apply. Russian visa required to cross eastern border; application must be approved prior to arriving at border.
Seasons (names vary):

  • Polar night (Nov-Jan)
  • Midwinter (Jan-Feb)
  • Late Winter (Mar-Apr)
  • Spring (May)
  • Summer (June-July)
  • Harvest (August-Sept)
  • Autumn Colour (Sept-Oct)
  • First Snow/Early Winter (October-November)

Longest period of polar night (in Nuorgam): 25 November – 17 January (53 days)
Shortest period of polar night (on the Arctic Circle): 1 day, 21 December
Longest period of midnight sun (in Nuorgam): 16 May – 27 July
Shortest period of midnight sun (Rovaniemi): 1 day, 20 June