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In the winter of 2013, I took an extensive independent trip through the Arctic regions of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Planning the trip took me months, and even then, I still had questions that were left unanswered until I arrived.

When I finished my trip, I had so much information that I wanted to pass on to fellow travellers visiting the region that I knew a series of blog posts wouldn't do them justice. Instead, I decided to compile it all into one useful resource that others could take along on their own journeys.

Thus, the Guide to Lapland and Northern Norway in Winter was born. The first edition, an eBook with 20 chapters covering everything from clothing to photography, went on sale in December 2014. The second edition was released in January 2016 -- both as a paperback and an eBook -- and features a brand-new chapter on the food of the region.

This book will provide all the crucial information you need to know to have the trip of a lifetime to the Arctic north.

From riding on an icebreaking ship to hovercrafting to snorkeling (you wear a thick suit to keep you warm), there’s plenty to see and do in this still-exotic area. [The Guide to Lapland and Northern Norway in Winter] is informative without trying to push anything on you, and is a pleasure to read even if you have no plans to visit. For other travel writers, I just found you a gold standard to shoot for. Highly recommended.

Chris Backe, One Weird Globe

“Kristin has managed to craft a very thorough and specialized travel guide to Lapland in winter that is almost as much a work of art as it is guide book. Her high quality, inspirational imagery not only paints a beautiful picture of the region but it also proves that she’s been there, done that, and has the knowledge to help others do the same. Brilliant book!”

Brooke Schoenman, Her Packing List

“Packed with useful travel know how from what adapter you need, to where you can sleep in a glass igloo, this book is an easy to read comprehensive resource for travel to Lapland. The photography tips and inspiring photos throughout this book really set it apart, and you’ll be busting to get there and get snapping.”

Holly Galbraith, Tourism Tweetup the Podcast

Still haven't made up your mind? Take your time reading through this sample, which contains the When To Go chapter -- detailing the conditions you'll find during each winter month -- exactly as it appears in the full eBook.

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A Guide to Lapland and Northern Norway in Summer

In summer, Europe’s Arctic north transforms into a vibrant green land of expansive forests, rushing rivers, and glassy lakes. The dogsleds and snowmobiles are traded for kayaks and mountain bikes as everyone heads outdoors to enjoy the warmth and never-ending sunlight.

This book, a followup to the Guide to Lapland and Northern Norway in Winter, will guide you through your own trip around the Arctic regions of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. From sharing what it’s really like to sit under the midnight sun (spoiler: it really does make you feel more energetic!) to hints on where you might spot a wild bear (safely!), it will provide you will all the crucial information you need to know to have the best trip possible.

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